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by Sarah - October 2nd, 2018.
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Lots of new lines added today at UK Tights

Wolford Velour Leggings

Wolford Velour Leggings £249.99
Velour is a classic leggings design and an absolute perfect addition to any wardrobe. Simple and versatile has always been the watchword for Wolford and these leggings show it but there is more than just a capsule wardrobe staple with this design. It is made with one of the softest suede-like materials available putting them squarely in the realm of fitted and tailored pants rather than leggings. You can wear them to the office or as a smart casual fashion piece and they will be as comfy and soft as a pair of pyjamas. This is what good fashion is all about.

Pierre Mantoux Alcantara Leggings

Pierre Mantoux Alcantara Leggings £68.99
Alacantra is that one design that every collection needs. The classic timeless and always stylish and dependable design on this occasion it comes in the form of soft black leggings. Everything in the world in fact has an Alacantra. The best bands have a dependable drummer the best meals all need that pinch of salt the greatest movies have a perfectly poised soundtrack. Well its true in fashion too every outfit should have one piece that is a classic and black suede effect leggings are a superb choice.

Trasparenze Agamennone Leggings

Trasparenze Agamennone Leggings £62.99
Agamennone is a real Trasparenze classic. A gorgeous pair of faux leather leggings with a figure hugging fit and an impossibly cool and chic appearance. This is what Trasparenze are all about. Fashionable fun and unforgettable design that scream femininity.

Trasparenze Poseidone Leggings

Trasparenze Poseidone Leggings £51.99
Like everything Trasparenze designs these leggings are cool and timeless but somehow push the boundaries of whats been seen before as well. These leggings are a simple and elegant black number but then the creative part comes from a striking piece of lace that swiftly cuts up the leg. It breaks up the design and creates something truly incredible and creative.

Wolford Adeline Fashion Socks

Wolford Adeline Fashion Socks £49.99
If anyone in the world of fashion can dazzle us all with great designs that are actually so very simple it is Wolford. With a sheer fabric a backseam and some glistening studs they have made Adeline look stunning. These socks are sheer delicate and subtle but with a few crystalline studs it quickly becomes an eye catcher too. Wolfords sense of balance and elegance really is unrivaled and we love them for this.

Trasparenze Nausicaa Tights

Trasparenze Nausicaa Tights £48.99
The ability of Trasparenze to add a drastic change to your look with just a small alteration is really impressive. Here the crystal studs are not scattered all over or made into a pattern but are grouped around the knee. They end up looking more like a starburst or a galaxy so it is particularly striking and dynamic. This small change makes these tights thoroughly more enjoyable and alluring.

Giulia Leggy Fashion Suede Feel Pants N.1

Giulia Leggy Fashion Suede Feel Pants N.1 £44.99
Suede pants have a certain look about them that suits so many different types of outfit. But its often difficult to wear thanks to it being rather warm and thick. Here Giulia have made these jeggings to imitate suede and give you the ability to wear them more easily and more comfortably. Instead of the heavy fit and feel of suede which is even more heavy than denim here you have a light flexible and easy to wear leggings with the same appearance. And what is more these leggings even have working back pockets for a touch of practicality too.

Giulia Leggy Skin Pants N.1

Giulia Leggy Skin Pants N.1 £38.99
Leggy by Giulia is one of the most interesting ranges by any desinger this year. They are all items made to look like regular trousers whilst fitting like leggings. These have the appearance of a pair of daring rock and roll leather pants but they are actually a leggings with a slouchy bottom half. This means they fit snug and securely and yet look like a natural and gorgoeus pair of leather pants nonetheless. These are definitely for those party animals out there.

Wolford Amelia Fashion Tights

Wolford Amelia Fashion Tights £38.99
The elegance of a floral design is undeniable but often the most elegant designs are the simplest and most minimalist ones. Here Wolford have combined the two. Amelia is rich detailed and intricate but she is also among the most simple and most distilled floral designs we have ever seen. It is all made up from silhouettes and outlines. Its a playful way to suggest a floral pattern with so little but as they say less is certainly more.

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