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Body Shape

Before you can successfully pick the right clothes out you need tyo know your body shape and what problem areas you have - or what features you like about your body.

The best way of working out what sort of body shape you've got is to take off your clothes and look at your body without the burden of clothes, which may be altering the way you think about your size and shape anyway.

You've probably watched Suzanne and Trinny put people in their all round mirror viewer in next to nothing to give them an idea of what they actually look like, but how can you get a good look at home? You need a big mirror - put on either a swinsuit or underwear and stand in front of the mirror. Shut the curtains!

Look at each bit of your body from the head down and work out what shape you are.

Shoulders - broad or narrow.

Ribcage & chest - wide or narrow, big chested or flat chested.

Waist - none, some, defined

Hips thighs and bum - flat to rounded

Calves - straight and slim, curved and shapely.

Make a note of what you find. Have you got an overall body shape? Curved or straight? Does your body shape vary on your top half to bottom?

What you buy has to depend on what body shape you have. There is no point buying something which looks great on a celeb or your best mate if they have a different body shape to you.

Look to emphasise your good points, the bits you like, and distract from the bits you don't like.





No waist emphasis
Well defined shape to shoulders and pockets
Waist emphasis
Soft shoulders
Rounded edges
Single breasted


Safari style
mens style
Fitted shirts
belted or pulled in waists


Straight skirts
Tailored lines
Straight trousers
Tapered trousers
Tapered skirts
Easy fit jeans
Flared and wrappover skirts


Shift dresses
Drop waist
Fitted slip dresses


Straight hems
Trench coats
Tailored coats
Fitted waist
Belted coats


Thinking about the clothes you enjoy wearing, do these match the suggestions?

If you don't like your arms then don't wear strappy tops which will show them off. However sometimes we dislike parts of our body for no reason when we're really an acceptable shape or size.

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