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Clothes Quiz

A fun quiz about clothing. There are no prizes and if you'd like to send us some more questions then please do! Some are just simple questions and other are more tricky.

If you would like to use this quiz then please get in touch.


  1. Trousers belonging to a woman?
  2. A jacket for round the middle?
  3. A posh coat needing pleats?
  4. Clothing worn around the neck on fancy occasions
  5. Shoes you might find down the plughole?
  6. Article worn on highest part of body?
  7. Wooly buttoned bay in Wales?
  8. Evening or hospital?
  9. Elvis didn't want you to stand on them.
  10. David Bowie wanted to put them on and dance the blues.
  11. Back that sounds like an argument?
  12. Supportive jewellery for the wrist?
  13. A hat for a cricketer who throws the ball?
  14. A serious sounding mexican hat?
  15. Tommy Cooper's favourite hat?
  16. A hat you can eat made from pigs?
  17. A hat which grows in the garden?
  18. A ladies hat you might find on the front of a car?
  19. A hat that can also be a canal?
  20. Shoes that can be a knife?



This quiz is copyright to - please do not copy it without permission.


Answers to the clothing quiz

  1. Jeans
  2. Waistcoat
  3. Tux(edo)
  4. Cravat
  5. Cloggs
  6. Top hat
  7. Cardigan
  8. Gown
  9. Blue Suede Shoes
  10. Red shoes.
  11. Rucksack
  12. Bracelet
  13. Bowler
  14. Sombrero?
  15. Fez
  16. Pork Pie Hat
  17. Beret
  18. Bonnet
  19. Panama hat
  20. Stiletto


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