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Clothing and shoe care

How to care for your clothes properly, how to look after all different types of clothing - which hangers to use, how to wash and clean items. How to clean and care for your shoes.

If you look after your clothes then they will last longer. If you wash them carefully you can make them last longer and look better. If you know which hangers to hang clothing on your clothes will stay looking ironed for longer.

General clothing care hints

  • Look after your clothes even when they're dirty. Don't throw them on the bedroom floor - you can easily damage clothes by standing on them.
  • Be proactive in getting boots and shoes reheeled. Don't leave it until it's too late.
  • Look at the washing instructions - don't assume it'll just go in the wash with everything else. Follow the instructions too - ignore them at your peril!
  • Hang your clothes on the right hanger. If possible get hold of some padded hangers for tops, it helps them stay in shape better.
  • Buy fluff removers and use them.
  • Get a good quality clothes brush.
  • Always clean your shoes before you put them away, putting damp and dirty shoes away could cause mould to ruin shoes.
  • Have shoes reheeled before they're permanently damaged.
  • Put suits away in special suit bags to prevent them getting dusty if you're not going to wear them for a while.
  • Don't wear the same item for days at a time. Fabric should be given time to rest to allow them to keep their shape.

Essential Products for Clothes care

All these amazing products and more are available online at Caraselle Limited
Caraselle - Click here!
Orphea Moth Repellent - 1 Sachet Containing 12 Strips from CaraselleMoth repellent Moths can seriously damage your clothes so avoid them
Naturally made from plant and flower extracts with a pleasant unobtrusive scenet. Easy to use, takes up virtually no space,

Lavender Balls from Caraselle
lavender balls These are great for shoe cupboards or wardrobes for imparting a sweet scent.

Sticky Roller - peelable fluff remover lint roller from Caraselle
Lint roller
This is invaluable. If you're only going to buy one thing today then buy one of these. They smarten you up incredibly quickly and easily. Quickly roll over your ssuits and clothes to remove hair and dust. Especially effective against pet hair which resists removal by normal clothes brushing. An amazing invention and a must have.
Buy more than one and keep one next to the front door for last minute tidy-ups and one for when you're putting clothes away. These are essentials and can instantly make your clothes look much tidier! This is a high quality long lasting item with 7.5m of sticky tape on the roll. It'll keep you looking smart, great for removing pet hair, dandruff from jackets, and generally giving you a neater appearance.

Red Stackable Ladies Shoe Boxes from Caraselle
show storage boxes Safe and tidy storage of shoes - no more piles of shoes left around to get dusty or damaged. For those lovely shoes you've spent a fortune on you should get some of these boxes. Clean and dry shoes first and then store safely in these stackable boxes.
Keep your wardrobe neat and tidy.
These are fantastic for storing shoes in the bottom of your wardrobe neatly rather than just throwing them in. Suitable for storing nice dressy shoes that will get damaged and dusty being left out. You can make out what shoes are inside so no need for labels. With easy grab handles for making it even easier to pick which shoes you want. A set of these would make a great present for someone who loves shoes!

Peva Suit Cover from Caraselle
Suit cover
You should put away all your suits carefully, Make sure they're dry and clean and then store in these carriers. It's also great if you're going away for the weekend to carry your suit in one of these or fold it carefully into a case while store in a carrier.


Washing symbols

The washing tub is one you'll almost certainly recognise. It will contain information about the washing instructions. It may contain a temperature - eg: 95' for cottoms
Lines underneath mean synthetics and should be washed at cooler temperatures. A broken line indicates the item is wool and should be washed on a wool wash.

Washing machine controls Look at your washing machine controls and you'll see the different washes available. It'll usually indicate temperature and washing intnsity. Some machines also let you vary speed of spin - which is useful for delicates.


If you use too high a temperature then you may ruin your clothes. Jumpers and knitwear can shrink massively.
Lower temperatures save you energy but you'll need to look at the washing powder to ensure it is suitable for low temperature washes.

A hand in the wash bowl means hand wash only.
A cross through the wash bowl means do not wash.

tumble dryer instructions

This symbol indicates the garment can be tumble dried. One dot in the centre means low temperature and two means high. A cross through it means it should not be tumble dried.

This means the garment can be ironed. A hot iron is indicated by 3 dots, warm by two and cool by one. A cross through means do not iron.
A wavy line underneath the iron indicates steam can be used.

bleach symbol
This means that the item can be bleaches - CL indicates chlorine bleach can be used.
A cross through means do not bleach.

Dry cleaning
This symbol indicates the item can be dry cleaned. There is often a letter inside which gives the dry cleaner information about what cleaning agents to use. A cross through means do not dry clean.


Coat Hangers - use the correct hanger for your clothing.

Stain Removal

Shoe care and storage

Have your shoes mended before they become badly damaged. Replace worn laces. Dry and clean shoes before putting them away. Store them on a shoe tree to give them ventilation. Buy shoe freshener spray if your shoes smell.

Buy clothing care products online at Ebay - they have a great range of coathangers, storage devices, cleaning products, laces and other cleaning and storage help.

Amazing range of clothes hangers available
Large hanger range with those designed for keeping wooly jumpers hung right and cedar wood quality hangers to help protect your clothes.
Types of Hangers include: Childrens, Hotel Security Hangers, Inflatable Hanger, Kilt Hangers, Knitwear Hangers, Ladies, Lingerie Hangers, Mens, Metal, Non-Slip Hangers, Over Door Hanger, Padded, Plastic, Shirt & Tops Hangers, Spacesaving Hangers, Suit Hangers, T - Shirt Hangers, Tie Hangers, Travel Hangers, Trouser Hangers, Wooden

Coat Hangers - they sell many different types of hangers, for adult and baby clothes. This is probably one of the best places to buy coat hangers online.

Garment Bags/ Protectors - ideal for keeping special suits and dresses safe and clean in your wardrobe.
Moth Balls - prevent clothes being eaten by moths.
Shoe Fresheners - keep your shoes smelling sweet. Essential.
Shoe Horns - help you get your shoes on.
Shoe Laces - replace laces before they break. Check them for wear.
Shoe Polish - keep your shoes looking good as well as protecting them by polishing them.
Shoe Repair - items needed to repair shoes, includes cobblers thread, shoe stretchers and other help for repairing shoes.
Shoe Trees - for storage of shoes.
Stain Removal - products and accessories for removing stains from all types of clothing.
Other items including brushes, lint removers,


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Mould Removal - I've been readiong tips as diverse as using a tiny bit of bathroom mould cleaner, lemon juice and white vinegar, sterliser liquid, bleach. Test first though to avoid damaging fabrics.

Once cleaned ensuring the clothing is completely dry and kept in a damp free place will prevent more problems.

If lots of clothes in your wardrobe become mouldy then look for the reason why. Have you put shoes away that were damp? Is there damp in the back of the wardrobe? Do you need to move the wardrobe? Clear it out and ensure you get all the problem items out - de-mould and then put less back in and always put dry clean clothes away - never wet or damp items.


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