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Fashion Horrors from the past

Why leg warmers should be banned.
Even on skinny legged girls leg warmers are just so much a bad idea. The idea of wearing multicoloured open toes socks wrinkled around your ankles shouldn’t ever seem like a good idea. On the TV you’d see dancers prancing about in them, barefoot, never slipping over. Did they have special non slip versions? If you’ve got skinny legs then leg warners make your legs look like they’ve dropped to the bottom, pulled down by gravity. If you’ve got fat legs then they either even out the weight making your legs look solid all the way down or make the bottom of your legs bigger than the tops - which is an equally horrid mistake.
You’re not going to wear leg warmers and look stylish so don’t do it! They were briefly popular and shouldn’t be allowed to surface again.

The snood was one of those bizarre fashion ideas that even Blue Peter got in on the act of. You could make your own snood. If I remember rightly it was made out of that fabric you get on a roll and cut up for cleaning rags. Snoods sit part on the head and around the neck almost like a giant worm hood. They’re supposed to be good for keeping your ears warm and stopping drafts getting down the back of your neck. If that’s essential for you and you can live with the shame of looking like a strange middle earth creature then go ahead but for most people you shouldn’t wear them!



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