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How to wear

Ways of wearing a scarf - doubled over and looped through, wrapped round several times on outside of coat, wrapped around and tucked under coat so no very visible, looped round once and tucked under like the first stage of tying a not

The Non-Muslim Hijabi: Niqab using Shayla scarf this video is really nice, it shows the underscarf options and how to put on the top scarf of a hijabi.

Ways of wearing jeans -

Apparently the latest trend is to wear jeans not only low slung but with flies undone - definitely one step further than low slung jeans which shows the back of your pants for you can see the thong "whale tail".

Schultz Jeans - Schultz Crossroads jeans from schuiltzCrossroads jean have the exclusive Schultz strap attachment (patent pending), with low button fly.

The crossroads jeans are designed with a medium low waist with straight side legs, and a great wear-with-anything mid indigo blue denim with slight distressing details, they look like fairly normal jeans until you notice the shultz strap.

Designed to replace the traditional belt, the Schultz strap can be worn on the back or front of the jeans.

Two buttons on each side of the jeans on the rear waistband 'cinch' in the waist for a belt-like snug fit. Worn at the front on the inside of the jeans, the Schultz strap gives sufficient support to even allow you to wear your Schultz jeans with the fly open, displaying your new designer Schultz underwear (and anything else you may feel like showing off!)

All Schultz jeans come with two straps. They're interchangeable and even upgradeable! They'll be introducing new designs constantly so you can change the whole look of your Schultz jeans by simply purchasing a new Schultz strap.

*International patent pending

See the schultz strap in action


Our opinion: It's not something we'd wear but if you've got pretty pants you want to show off then it'll do the trick!


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How to wear - this is a brief and interesting look at how wearing clothes changes with styles and fashion

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