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Sort your wardrobe

What does your existing wardrobe look like? Do the doors shut or do clothes burst out and you can't properly see what's in there.

If your wardrobe is suffering from strain then you need to sort it out.

It is pretty difficult for some people to throw things out, especially nice clothes you've had for ages.

You need to make room to make two piles of clothes.

Pile 1 - to keep

Pile 2 - Throw out

Clothing put into this pile must

  • fit you
  • be something you'll wear
What to do with it?
Clothing can be sent to the local charity shop who'll sort it and sell what they can and recycle the rest.

Take each item out and look at it.

Ask yourself the following questions

  • Does it fit you?
  • Do you like it?
  • Do you wear it?
  • Does it go with other clothes?
  • Does it in good repair?
  • Is it a good style for me?

If you answer yes to all of the above then keep it.

However check back in six months and think if you've worn it. If not, then ditch it.

Some people like to keep clothes which are a little too small, or ones they think they'll slim into. If you're intent on doing this then what I suggest is you package up clothing by size and bundle it safely away, carefully folded as to avoid having to iron excessively when you fit in to it. If you label it and put it away either in your loft or storage and leave a note to remind yourself where it all is, then this is a better way of dealing with different sizes.

Dig out all the shoes and things which have fallen to the bottom of the wardrobe, apply the same rules to these too.

If you find things which you've not worn for a long time but like wearing think seriously about why they've been pushed to the back of the wardrobe or shelf. Is it because they're not quite right?

If you find you still have too many clothes after an intial sort then thin them out by removing items in need of a little care and attention.

Clean shoes which you're keeping. Ensure everything you put back into your wardrobe is clean and ready to wear.

If you have lots of summer clothes then you might want to pack them away once summer is over. Apply this to winter clothes too.

If you need to separate out work clothes from casual then now is the time to do it.

If you're getting rid of a lot of clothes then ensure they get sent to either the local charity shop or freecycle them on your local freecycle group, Gumtree or even at your local supermarket where they might have recycling bins for clothes and shoes. You might want to do a wardrobe swap with your friends so they can sort through what you're throwing out.

Throw away broken hangers to avoid damaging your clothes.

Sort through all your handbags and other bags. If you're throwing them away then double check there's nothing left in the pockets. If they're in good condition then take these to the charity shop too.

Be ruthless sorting out your clothes.

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