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Wearing Earrings

Earrings are simple things to wear - or so you might think.

If you say earrings then one of the first images you might conjure up for yourself is Bet Lynch's amazing earrings back in the old days of Coronation Street. She wore some amazingly over-the-top earrings - and then looked fab with her hair all piled up - if a little OTT pantomime style.

I'm personally against little kids having their ears pierced. I don't think there's any need to annoint children with pieces of metal through their ears. Let kids decide when they're in their teens whether they want to have their ears done.

What factors affect what earrings you wear?

  • Whether you have your ears pierced or not. There are lots of clip on earrings out there - you might find some you like which do what you want. The biggest range is of course on earrings for pierced ears.
  • What shape of face you have
  • What hair length you've got
  • What your neck is like

Earring Definitions

Stud - simple earring with a design on a stick which passes through the hole and is clipped by a fitting to stop it falling out.

Hoop - a hoop of metal which goes all the way round and fits together through the ear. Incomplete hoops may use a stud fitting to secure them.
Sleeper is a small type of hoop which barely leaves the earlobe

French hook - a loop of metal which sits astride the hole - dangly type of earrings.
Some wire earrings of this style need to be clipped shut to prevent them coming out.

Slave earrings - more punk than anything else - a chain is fixed with a cuff to the upper part of the earring and linked to the stud.

Others - include beaded thread which is stopped from going all the way through by the size of bead.

Which earrings to wear?

Unless you're a punk then less is definately more with earrings.

Pearl studs look great with traditional ladies formal wear
Match colour with your outfit

Long face - chandelier types earrings should work as well as studs.

Short necks should not wear dangly earrings - anything which emphasises how little space there is between your ear and shoulder should be banned!

Plump face should wear slightly elongated earrings to draw eye down rather than accross.

Plain gold round studs should work for most people. The small ball type stud earrings which you get put in when you have them pierced look good as plain earrings.
Classic styles are classic and timeless for a reason.

Small hoops - no bigger than the hoop you make with your thumb and finger - should work for most people.

Over the top earrings should be reserved for evenings and social events.

A word of caution about non gold earrings - watch out if you're sensitive to nickel as many wire earrings contain it and will cause you problems. If you have an allergy to nickel then only wear proper gold earrings else you'll end up really scabby!


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